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FanDuel is one of the biggest players in the daily fantasy sports market in the United States. To their American players, they offer a range of daily fantasy sports and due to their incredible success on that side of the pond, they have now launched their UK site as of August 2016 – ready for the Premier League 2016/17 season. Currently, FanDuel’s UK site is only offering daily fantasy football (soccer), however they are expected to expand their contests over time to include a range of other sports too. So What Is Daily Fantasy Football you might be wondering?

Daily fantasy football (or DFF) is similar to the tradition fantasy football that so many people are familiar with such as Fantasy Premier League, however it comes without the season-long commitments and offers users the chance to play fantasy football based on just one day’s set of fixtures. Many of these new DFF sites offer real money contests in which users can enter competitions across a range of stakes and win thousands of pounds in the process. The industry is expected to boom in the coming years much like it has in the US, and FanDuel as an industry leader is therefore an excellent choice for anyone wishing to join the UK’s latest internet craze.


What leagues does FanDuel offer?

Currently FanDuel is only offering DFF contests for Premier League matches, however it is expected that this will be expanded in the near future to include some of the other well known leagues and competitions. FanDuel has only been live in the UK for one month so it is likely that they are keeping their contests streamlined while they build up a large UK customer base. Expect an expanding range of contests big and small on FanDuel over the coming months.


How easy is the lobby to navigate?

Upon logging in / creating your account you will automatically land on the ‘contests’ page (pictured below) where you can find a list of upcoming contests. Currently, all contests are guaranteed at various amounts with the biggest guarantee at the top of the lobby and the other contests listed in order of the size of their guarantee. This is very beneficial as it makes it easy for players to find the contests that will provide them with the opportunity for the biggest cash prize.

The number of entrants alongside the total guaranteed prize-pool is circled below in the middle of the screenshot, meanwhile the entry fee for each contest is circled on the right-hand side of the lobby. Currently there aren’t many filter options as you can see on the left-hand side of the screen, however this is fine at this moment in time due to the number of contests available. FanDuel will almost certainly add a more detailed filtering system for the contests should it become necessary in the future.


FanDuel DFF lobby

FanDuel’s DFF lobby


Does FanDuel offer guaranteed prize pools?

As mentioned, at the moment all of FanDuel’s DFF contests are guaranteed – some of them in the hundreds of pounds and some of them in the thousands (visible above, where the biggest guarantee at the time of the screenshot was £15,000!). This is excellent news for anybody wishing to play fantasy football for money as it means that not only can you be sure of entering a contest that will provide you with the opportunity of a big win, but there is also a large chance of all players benefiting from added value. If you would like to learn more about how to take advantage of guaranteed prize pool contests, or GPPs, then visit our article on Finding Added Value where we explain in full why these type of contests shouldn’t be missed by any serious DFF player!

One of the great things about FanDuel is that with all of their current contests coming with a guaranteed prize pool, there is an opportunity for players to benefit from added value across all stakes – from the small buy-in or even free tournaments, all the way up to the contests that cost £100+ to enter.


What bonuses does FanDuel offer?

FanDuel offers a 100% first deposit bonus up to £400 to any customer that signs up via DFFbet. For example, this means that if you deposit £400, you will receive £400 in your ordinary account balance and a further £400 will be added to your ‘pending balance’ which you can then unlock at a rate of 5% of your contest entry fees. This means that if you enter a £20 contest, £1 will be moved from your pending balance into your ordinary account balance, as an example.

Furthermore, if you don’t win any money in your first paid-contest entry, FanDuel will give you a free entry into another contest of the same value, up to £10! This offer is in conjunction with their sign-up matched deposit bonus, meaning that FanDuel’s new player bonuses are right up there among the best in the industry.



How does FanDuel’s points system work?

FanDuel’s points scoring system for players can be seen below:

Goal Scored15
Shot on Target5
Successful Tackle2
Chance Created3
Shot Blocked2
Foul Drawn0.5
5 Successful Passes0.25
Foul Committed0
Missed Penalty-5
Own Goal-5
Yellow Card-1
Red Card-5
Clean Sheet for GK10
Saved Penalty for GK6
Save for GK3
Goal Conceded for GK-1


The most notable thing about FanDuel’s points scoring system in comparison to other DFF providers is the lack of clean-sheet bonuses for defenders. Instead, only goalkeepers will be awarded bonus points for this, and therefore you should consider this when selecting your line-up as it no longer pays to pick defenders purely based on their inclusion in a rock-solid defence.


What is FanDuel like for deposits and cash-outs?

As you’d expect from a market leader in the daily fantasy sports industry, FanDuel makes the deposit and withdrawal process extremely easy for players. Withdrawals will usually arrive in your bank account within just a few working days and there should be no worries whatsoever regarding the safety of your funds on FanDuel.


Is FanDuel legal?

FanDuel is absolutely legal, yes! They are regulated by the Great Britain Gambling Commission (licence number: 000-043990-R-323360-002) so you can be 100% assured that using their services in the UK is completely legal. In the US, FanDuel is legal in the majority of states despite the online gambling restrictions. This is because daily fantasy sport is considered to be a game of skill and not luck, therefore it is not considered to be a form of gambling. This is fantastic news for sports enthusiasts across the country!


DFFbet’s Verdict:

Anyone wishing to play daily fantasy football should strongly consider FanDuel for a number of reasons. Firstly, their sign-up bonus is the best in the industry at 100% up to £400, which provides any new player with an excellent opportunity to unlock some free cash that nobody should ever say “no” to! Furthermore, FanDuel currently guarantee all of their DFF contests so it is really easy for users to see how much money they can potentially make each time they play – and these contests are sure to provide a significant amount of Added Value too…. or free money as you could call it. This makes playing at FanDuel potentially even more profitable for all players, regardless of his/her’s experience in DFF.

In addition to these points, we at DFFbet like the ease-of-use when playing on FanDuel due to the simple, clean and efficient lobby layout, which leads us on to one other fantastic perk about FanDuel – they now have a fantastic new app which makes playing daily fantasy football on your smartphone even simpler. Download the FanDuel app now!

The only minor downside that we have experienced with FanDuel so far is that they only offer DFF contests for Premier League matches, however we would expect that their range of leagues will broaden over time as FanDuel UK becomes more and more established, as right now it is only within its first month of operations on this side of the Atlantic.

Overall, FanDuel gets a DFFbet’s approval and we look forward to seeing the site grow in the coming months!

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