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FanTeam is another up and coming player in the European daily/weekly fantasy sports market, and one that we are expecting to see a lot more of in the coming years. In case you don’t know what daily fantasy sports are, in particular daily fantasy football, then visit our What Is Daily Fantasy Football? page for a full explanation. To summarise, daily fantasy football, or DFF, is basically a new version of fantasy football that is played over the course of one day (or one game week) rather than an entire season- meaning that you can pick and choose when you play rather than being forced into a season-long commitment.

However, maybe the most wonderful thing about DFF is that whilst some contests can be free to enter, there are also huge selections of real money contests that cost varying amounts to enter and then pay out prizes to the top ‘X ‘percentage of players at the end of the contest. Yes, this means that you can actually win money playing fantasy football! FanTeam is one of the main DFF providers, offering paid-entry contests across a variety of stakes to suit every fantasy football punter.


What leagues does FanTeam offer?

FanTeam offers an interesting variety of leagues, most notably the Premier League and the Champions League. However, they also offer the NOR Tippeligaen (Norwegian Premier League), the Swedish Allsvenskan 16, Veikkausliiga (Finland’s first division), and the Russian Premier League.


How easy is the lobby to navigate?

The FanTeam lobby is another user-friendly and easily navigable interface. Upon creating your account or signing in, you will instantly land on the contests page (the lobby) so that you can view the competitions on offer. The contests are simply laid out, displaying all of the relevant information such as the contest start time, guarantee size, entry fee, and the number of contestants in a tidy column format. There are a wide variety of contests that cover a range of buy-in sizes (entry fees), different tournament formats such as ordinary competitions, double-or-nothings, or winner takes all, and of course the different leagues that the contests cover.

FanTeam’s lobby comes with a simple filtering system (circled below), which makes it easy for users to filter out the types of contests that interest them the most; adding to the ease of use.


fanteam review dff lobby



Does FanTeam offer guaranteed prize pools?

Yes, FanTeam does offer an abundance of guaranteed prize-pool contests (or GPPs). If you aren’t sure what a GPP is and/or would like to learn how to take advantage of GPP contests in order to maximise your DFF profit, then please visit our Finding Added Value article. The selection of GPPs offered by FanTeam ranges from small guarantees to some contests that are guaranteed in the thousands despite having extremely small entry fees! The only problem that we have found whilst exploring the interface, is that it is quite difficult to determine which contest are GPPs and which aren’t, as there are no obvious ‘GTD’ markings or any of the usual giveaway signs that you would expect to find. However, once you have clicked on a contest, you will be able to see if the prize-pool is guaranteed or not, as you can see circled in the screenshot below:


fanteam gpp contests


It is very notable from exploring the FanTeam lobby that they have a lot of excellent GPPs running with large overlays (the amount of money added to the prize-pools by FanTeam in order to meet the guaranteed amounts). This provides players with an insane amount of added value, or free money as you could call it, and therefore we would suggest that if you are interested in playing fantasy football for money then now is the time to do so – capitalise on these giveaways whilst the opportunity is there!


What bonuses does FanTeam offer?

FanTeam offers a generous bonus of up to €500 to new customers who join via one of DFFbet’s sign up links. Don’t miss out on this great offer and start maximising your daily fantasy football profits today!

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How does FanTeam’s points system work?

FanTeam’s points scoring system for DFF contests can be seen below:


Playing time up to 60 minutes*

1 point

Playing time over 60 minutes*

2 points (in total)

Playing full match (90 min)*

3 points (in total)

Goal, defender or goalkeeper

6 points

Goal, midfielder

5 points

Goal, attacker

4 points


3 points

Fantasy Assist**

3 points

Clean sheet, defender or goalkeeper

4 points (minimum 60 minutes played)

Clean sheet, midfielder

1 point (minimum 60 minutes played)

Yellow card

-1 point

Red card

-3 points

Keeper saves

1 point for every 3 saved shots on goal

Causing a freekick which leads to a direct goal

-2 points

Causing a penalty (goal or not)

-2 points

Achieving a penalty, if a teammate scores

3 points

Penalty kick save by keeper***

5 points

Penalty missed by shooter*****

-2 points

For every 2 goals conceded, defender and goalkeeper

-1 point

Own goal

-2 points

Team “wins” in the periode player is on the pitch****

1 point

Team “draws” in the periode player is on the pitch****

0 points

Team “looses” in the periode player is on the pitch****

-1 point


Double points

From looking at FanTeam’s points scoring system, it is pretty straight forward and similar to ordinary fantasy football sites such as Fantasy Premier League… with no major curve-balls. The only real notable thing is that players get an extra point for completing the full 90 minutes than those who get substituted. It may therefore be wise to try to draft players who do not get substituted repeatedly before the end of games as this might be costing you an extra point versus some alternative options.


What is FanTeam like for deposits and cash-outs?

Deposits are instant and easy. Withdrawals can take up to a few working days as you will find with any DFF site, however we found the withdrawal process to be quick and easy. Whilst your funds are on the site you should feel secure, as FanTeam is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission as well as The Malta Gaming Authority: MGA/CL3/992/2014 (issued on 28th of August 2014).


Is FanTeam legal?

Of course, FanTeam is legal in the UK and in any other country that allows online gambling. Large daily fantasy sports providers including FanTeam are fully regulated, with FanTeam being regulated The Malta Gaming Authority: MGA/CL3/992/2014 (issued on 28th of August 2014).


DFFbet’s Verdict:

FanTeam is another excellent option for anyone wishing to play daily fantasy football for money, as they offer a good variety of contests across a range of buy-ins. Whilst they only offer the Premier League and Champions League that many would consider to be ‘big’ leagues, they offer a top-flight Scandinavian leagues as well as the Russian Premier League, providing more variety than many DFF sites.

FanTeam’s range of GPP contests is also good, and we noticed that there were some quite substantial overlays which could provide players with an excellent opportunity to benefit from the added value. This, plus FanTeam’s easy-to-use lobby makes them a very good option for daily fantasy football players, experienced or not.

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